Content roundup (Jan 2021)


  1. The courage to be disliked (290 pg.) – As much as I dislike self help, I couldn’t help but appreciate a few actionable ‘mental models’. I liked the ease of understanding and implementing things we all know internally. The writing style and the first 75 pgs. are a big turn-off though. 3.5/5
  2. Memoirs of a geisha (420 pg.) – I nearly lapped up this one. It’s a beautiful and heart-breaking portrayal of geishas in Japan before and during the World War. The rawness of words and emotions kept me glued till the end. 4.5/5

Articles: (Fewer articles than usual because I committed to start reading books again!)

  1. Platforms, Bundling, and Kill Zones – Benedict Evans
  2. Still Alive – Slate Star Codex, Scott Alexander
  3. Opportunities in education – Erik Torenberg
  4. How free speech leads to moral progress – Erik Torenberg

Movies / shows:

  1. The Dissident – Everyone needs to watch this. Eye-opening, terrifying, and heart-breaking documentary (by the maker of Icarus) on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the famous Saudi journalist. 4.5/5
  2. For Sama – A look into Syria’s civil war from 2012-16 from a civilian’s perspective. What makes this movie special is the blend of facts and emotions. What it meant to live, love and survive during the war. The protagonist filmed the entire Syrian uprising as an ode to her daughter – (Academy Award nominee). 5/5
  3. All the President’s men – I love investigative journalism, which is why I enjoyed this movie. How two Washington Post reporters unearthed the entire Watergate scandal. 4/5
  4. The Crown – Hooked me like many others. Since then, I watch YouTube videos about Princess Diana. 4/5

No podcasts because I was stuck indoors!

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